Centennial Mural Day 5: The painting blooms, bringing smiles to all


Journal: 6.6.14



Photo by Shellece Baptiste



It was our final day on the wall today. We clocked a full eight-hour day, working from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm. As a result of our collective effort and constant encouragement we were able to meet our deadline. I am now over five shades darker as a result of the working three days straight in the afternoon sun!


The last day was spent applying the fade and evening out the edges of the various shapes. To achieve the desired effect the paint had to be applied using a sponge.

Picture 12

Shellece continued her tips collecting social experiment, surpassing the previous day’s pot far beyond our expectations. We initially started out with the  aiming to top Joy’s record from last year. However it quickly turned into an experiment to see how much people would actually give to “support the youths/artists of S.V.G. to help buy lunches and pay for transportation”.

Picture 15

There were persons who passed again today with sole purpose to make their contributions and see our progress since yesterday. We were all surprised as some individuals who promised to make a contribution the day before, did in fact keep their promises. It was amazing to witness the genuine responses as a result of the work we were doing. People gave willing without asking change, one man emptied his entire ashtray of coins.

Job opportunities arouse out of being on the wall: face painting, graphic design and even other mural possibilities.

The interaction with the passers-by was a confidence boosting experience as it took a great deal of courage to approach them. It was a display of what we were capable of as we not only showed our artistic skills but also communication and professional skills developed through the experience.

On this final day I was reminded of the quote by Ms. Roudette;

“Those who are victims of prejudice are the only ones who can shift those prejudices.”

This is exactly what we achieved through the demonstration of our skills and the interaction with the persons who gave us a few minutes of their time. I think we successfully altered their perception of what Vincentian youths, between the ages of 17 and 21, are capable of achieving. We were able to increase their awareness and understanding of the arts. Each person who passed us this week witnessed the transformational power of arts on the space, community and artists.

Picture 17              Picture 16


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