Centennial Mural Day 2: Transferring the design = “Scaling Up”


Journal: 6.3.14


Photo by Anjali Ramgoolam

Having successfully completed the grid yesterday, we began transferring the design to the wall. We were split into teams of two.

The  scaled section of the Centennial Mural design (scale 7/8" = 6")

Centennial Mural group 3: Francilka and Olivia, design section 13 – 19, A – L (scale 7/8″ = 6″)





Each of us was given a section of the design, which overlapped with the following section. We started working at 7:00 am with the aims of getting most if not all of the design up by 12:00 pm.





As the design took shape, person began to inquire about what we were doing. It was an unfamiliar sight: a team of eight youths fully equipped with pencils, rulers, t-squares and design sheets hard at work…at 7:00 am! To add to this sight was the fact that our team consisted of 7 females and 1 male – which is a particularly rare sight in our society. Once we got the hazard cones and caution tape out by 8:00 am they knew we meant business.

Photo by Francilka Sam

Photo by Francilka Sam

Photo by Francilka Sam

Photo by Francilka Sam









We were successful in meeting our deadline today. our success was a direct result of us being able to function as a team. The atmosphere was extremely positive as we were all fully engaged with what we were doing. I watched as persons who professed their dislike for mathematics a few weeks ago, began to understand certain mathematical concepts. They exhibited an understanding of relationships as they used fractions, ratios, proportions and performed conversions to assist in the accurate transfer of the design.

It was an example of truly creative work environment as everyone worked together to achieve a common goal; constantly observing, questioning, responding and sharing their ideas and experiences.




Francilka and Shellece still hard at work under the shade!


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